Xin Zhi Lun Tire Co. is one of the early pioneers of industrial solid tire development in the China industrial tire aftermarket, and a leading industrial tire dealer with extensivesales network all over China. With over 12 years of rich experience in the industry, Xin Zhi LunIndustrial Tire Co. has been invited to consult with well-known global brands in their solid tire development work in China. Therefore, we understand very well the needs of the industry from both the factory and end-user perspectives.

Our Platform

From our deep knowledge of the market, we have sourced for the most competitive and value-for-money solid tire products in China. We strongly believe in the long-termdevelopment potential of home-grown factories which are technically competent and operate at a lower cost compared to the big brands. By forming a strong alliance and developing a platform for them to access overseas markets, we are able to create a win-win relationship between the factories and customers.
To take this platform to the global stage, Xin Zhi LunIndustrial Tire Co. has partnered with a Singapore-based sales director, who has over 10 years of international tire sales experience gathered from working at top 10 tire companies and who is fluent atcommunicatingin English. He brings with him professional best practices, and an intuitive ability to understand the customers’ needs.

Product Performance

By utilizing our own tire service workshop and a large domestic clientele base to field test our tires thoroughly, we ensure that we only select the best products under the VENLEY brand. Since our tires have been put through some of the more extreme usage conditions possible in China, we are confident that you will find our tires to be of superior quality and excellent value for money.
We have carefully selected our tire sizes to cater to the widest possible range of user requirements and equipment, covering 8 major product categories: standard solid forklift tires, heavy duty solid forklift tires, aperture type tires, smooth solid tires, wheel loader solid tires, skid-steer loader solid tires, ground support equipment solid tires, press-on and cured-on type tires. We also provide polyurethane (PU) tires, industrial wheel rims and hydraulic pressing machines.

Delivery and Service

With carefully cultivated diversified supply sources, we are able to meet on-time delivery commitments to our customers and in the fastest time possible. We deliver to all countries and strive to provide thebest service to all our customers. As a dynamic and fast-growing company, we are flexible in responding to customers’ needs and listen closely to our customers. Our company’s core value of integrity forms the bedrock of all our business practices.
Most, if not all other brands, offer the standard product warranty against manufacturing defects. However, we take it one step further, by giving our customers a product guarantee on VENLEY tires. We guarantee that our tires shall have at least 6 months or 1000 hours of wear-life. From the bottom of our hearts, we warmly welcome you to the VENLEY solid tire family!